Our Vission & Mission

Our Vision

Empowerment of the youths, women, indigenous, the marginalized, weaker and excluded section of the society to live with dignity.

Our Mission

  • Sustained advocacy on pro-poor policies and good governance for sustainable poverty alleviation in communities.
  • SRADHA strives to improve the status of youth (young women and men) by enabling them to equally and actively participate in planning, management, policy-making, decision-making and execution of their plans without any biases. SRADHA ensures that youths are empowered for better governance and they are engaged as effective advocates of change, and as catalysts in solving poverty.
  • To reduce poverty through peoples initiatives by conservation of drinking water resources and improved health, hygiene and sanitation practices
  • To build the capacity of the poor producers to cope with the free trade, market and ensuring fair price to the poor producers and organizing various “Safety Nets” like producer cooperatives and federations

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